10 Best Badminton Rackets in 2018

Even though those people who are not much into sports, still, they like to play some sports such as badminton and table tennis for fun. So if you are one of such people, today, we have come up with a list of 10 Best Badminton Rackets in 2018 which you can buy for yourself and have a good badminton time. Let us begin with the list now:

10 Best Badminton Rackets in 2018

Best Badminton Rackets 2018 Reviews:

Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet:

What should I glamorize about this masterpiece here? In terms of all aspects including the price, the built quality, or the features, Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet is one product which always clinches your heart. The product has following features:

  • The material used in the making of its frame is the finest quality graphite.
  • Another of its finest features include the square head shape and the string weight which is quite heavy.
  • You can buy this one in different colors and sizes for you.
  • In order to carry it anywhere, you are provided with a quality carry bag in the package.

Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket:

For those who are at a professional level, they should get a product which most of the players are using at their stage. One such example we can give you is Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket which has following amazing features:

  • In the strings of this racket, tight string technology is used which makes it durable and long-lasting product.
  • You are provided with the performance grip which gives you a boost in your performance.
  • This is built with some of the finest material that can be ripped off.

Premium Quality Set of BADMINTON RACKETS by Trained, Pair of 2 Rackets:

Are you someone who just loves to play this sport as a part-time activity at his home or the personal court? Well, we recommend for you to buy this set of quality rackets so that you can benefit the other player as well. It has following other features:

  • You get a nice set of badminton rackets for two players to play against each other.
  • If you have a partner, you both can buy this for double matches.
  • You are also provided with the free shuttles.
  • These are economical, have an excellent grip, and are also very durable.

Senston S-300 Graphite Badminton Racket Full Carbon Badminton Racquet:

A product which uses carbon in the making of its frame is likely to be expensive but is also something which ensures the maximum quality and performance. One of such rackets is Senston S-300 Graphite Badminton Racket Full Carbon Badminton Racquet with the following features:

  • The shaft of this racquet is made of the graphite while the rest is of other carbon material.
  • The tight string technology just gives you a massive boost of the performance.
  • This comes with a G4 grip which is quite ideal and is meant for stability and performance.

Badminton Racket, ADIBO Professional Badminton Racquet with Bag for Outdoor:

To play with your family at your home or when you are going out for a picnic, here is a set which is both economical and of high quality for you with following features:

  • A perfect set for the families to play indoors or outdoors.
  • One of the best and complete sets which also comes with a free pair of shuttles.
  • You are ensuring the finest quality material with an excellent grip and weight.
  • They give you a free carry bag as well to carry it anywhere with convenience.

DAILY FITNESS 2 Player Badminton Racket Set with A Badminton carry Bag:

For beginners and other non-professionals who are also low on budget, this DAILY FITNESS 2 Player Badminton Racket Set with A Badminton carry Bag is something they should get which has following benefits to them:

  • The first thing is that they are cheaper than your expectations.
  • They are also a standard product which is good for beginners.
  • May not be of the finest quality material but still of the standard one.
  • You are a complete package including a carry bag and a shuttle.

Kale Badminton Set for Adults and Kids with 10-Feet Net Stand/Frame, 4 Badminton Rackets, and 3 Balls:

For you bigger family, you could definitely spend some more and get this bigger set where you get four badminton rackets alongside a free net and free shuttles as well. It has following features of interest:

  • This is a mega set where you get 4 rackets in one set alongside the free shuttles.
  • The Kale Badminton set is good for a family with kids and adults.
  • You get a frame and a net stand to set your court anywhere you want.
  • It is also quite easy to setup so don’t you worry about that.
  • One of the best packages you can get for badminton picnic.

Victor Jet Speed S9 Badminton Racquet 4U G5:

There is one product which will forever dominate any list and it is this Victor Jet Speed S9 Badminton Racquet 4U G5 and it is because of the following features we have mentioned for this badminton racket:

  • This badminton racket brand produced a grip of 5G grip size which is very comfortable.
  • The racket has an ideal weight which is one of the most pressing factors.
  • With its 4U frame which is quite light, you get the shots accurate and very good.
  • Its frame and rest of the material is graphite which makes it quite strong.

Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racquet:

So the second last pick on our list is this Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racquet which could be a great alternative to the above product and another of the Carlton finest. The product has following features which are going to benefit you:

  • This is one of the most flexible and powerful rackets with nanocell construction.
  • A racket which is perfect to play both the single and doubles matches.
  • Its frame weight is 3U and a comfortable grip which makes it even better.

Yonex NanoRay 80 (NR80) Badminton Racket:

Our last product is the one which you will only get if you can afford a handsome amount of money and if you are really looking forward to some professional stuff. It is named Yonex NanoRay 80 (NR80) Badminton Racket and has following amazing features:

  • This comes with 4U4 weight and grip.
  • One of the finest built rackets which are an exclusive for the professionals.
  • A product which makes sure that you get endurance, durability, and performance.
  • One of the rare rackets which already come pre-strung.